Authors Journey

by  Derek Winters


I offer you a very special welcome to my new  (incomplete) website. In an '' I will be updating my readers (or potential readers) on the journey I am undertaking, as a first-time author,  in writing a fantasy series. 

In the near future, I will hopefully be offering you the chance to read my yet-to-published material, as well as the opportunity to provide reviews, feedback, and suggestions.

There Be Dragons  - The Series 

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Book One: Lemuria - Scorched Earth (Expected Launch - June 23, 2023)

Book Two: Lemuria - There Be Giants

Book Three: Atlantis (Still in progress)

Book Four: Agartha (Not yet started)

Book Five: Shambala (Not yet started)

Authors Update: 20 June 2023

Imagine if your daily existence on Earth suddenly becomes a day-to-day struggle for survival. Imagine stumbling into strange and unexplored places. Imagine how you would react if you found out that many of the creatures mentioned in myths and legends across all cultures and various epochs; were in fact, real in some form or another, and would once again come into contact with humankind in the near future. Imagine if every far-fetched fairytale was rooted in actual memory. Imagine the possibility that we humans are not the most advanced civilization on, or under the earth; or in the outer realms for that matter. And then imagine your life being thrown into just such a thrilling and somewhat horrifying misadventure, involving some combination of all of the above...

A war against aliens. An alliance with elves, dwarves, and centaurs. An encounter with dragons.  And a fantastic journey to inner-earth... If this holds any appeal to you, then please follow my progress as I publish my books and develop this website.

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